• No one on track during the races except during 50’s & 65’s. Each rider may have one person over the age of 18 on the track during their race.


Our pit area is very crowded and because we race at night it is hard to see pit bikes. This is for your safety. Please bring your bicycles.

2020 Big Side of Texas Spring Championships Rules

* Riders Age

  1. Rider’s age is based on age as of 01/01/2020, birth certificate is required on request.
  2. Vet class ages will be determined by a rider’s age on the day of the event.

* Series Points

  1. All of a rider’s results will count for series points. You must ride 4 races to receive series awards.
  2. If all first motos are complete and weather prevents completion of 2nd motos, results will stand based
    on 1st motos and on races completing both motos before cancelation. The decision to postpone or
    cancel races is the decision of Brownlee Racing along with local track officials.
  3. If for any reason a moto must be stopped it will be considered complete if the leading rider has
    completed over 50% of the laps. Example: 3 laps completed in a 5 lap race.
  4. Series Tie Breaker: If series end points are tied the rider with the best finish in the last moto is the series
    winner. Example two riders at 105 points each, rider 1 has 2nd in last moto and rider 2 has 1st place in
    last moto, rider 2 is the series winner.
  5. It is the rider’s responsibility to verify that they have been scored correctly, if you find a mistake it must
    be corrected with the track that scored the race; please verify results before you leave the track.

* Class Structure

  1. All classes are modified classes.
  2. If it becomes necessary to run qualifiers the trackside program will randomly divide the classes into
    heats and LCQ’S
  3. Big wheel rule was removed in 2016.
  4. All big bike beginner class series winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd from spring 2019 must move to Novice in 2020
    Spring Series.
  5. All riders must participate in the class or classes for their skill level, bike displacement and
    configuration in which their bikes qualify, only exception open class.
  6. There will be no 250F in any 450F class, 125 2-strokes and 250 2-strokes in 250F, 250 2-strokes can also
    participate in the 450F class. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification from the class and you
    will not be scored.
  7. If a rider’s bike fails during his/hers 1st Moto or before his/hers 2nd Moto due to mechanical fault,
    they are allowed to borrow a bike. The borrowed bike must be same displacement as bike that
  8. It is a standing practice that classes can and will be combined in some cases this could
    have a class that has more than one gate drop for instance 250 Pro and 250 intermediate, it
    is the discretion of the track to determine if there will be one or two gate drops and any
    combined classes.

* Scoring

  1. Race officials are not responsible for locating riders before their event.
  2. A rider must be on the starting line and under their own power cross the finish line to be scored for
    the day.
  3. The white flag is a courtesy flag; it is not necessary to display the white flag at the beginning of the
    final lap.
  4. If a race should go an extra lap the race will be scored based on the number of laps that is posted. If
    the race is posted for 5 laps and for some reason the race is not stopped until 6 or more laps are
    completed. The race will be considered over at the end of the 5th lap. Scorekeepers lap sheets will
    determine final finishes.
  5. DNS means did not start, a rider not coming to the line and completing one full lap will receive a DNS. They receive last place points plus 2 DNS points.
  6. DNF means did not finish, riders will receive a DNF if they do not take the checkered flag. A rider who
    has a DNF will receive 1 DNF point in addition to last place points, a rider may push his bike across the
    finish line. If the finish line is at the top of a large jump, bikes and riders can go around the jump and
    signal the score keepers.* Point System
    1.  1st 35 points
    2.  2nd 33 Points
    3.  3rd 32 points
    4.  4th 31 points
    5.  5th 30 points
    6.  Will drop one point per place starting with 2nd* Interruption and Continuation of Races1.  There will be no restarts unless in the opinion of the race officials continuing the race will endanger
    the riders.
    2.  A malfunction of the starting gate and any restart will be the race official’s decision.
    3.  If a race is called due to weather and the races have not begun it is the option of the track to issue
    refunds or vouchers for future races.
    4.  Conduct
    5.  Any on/off track quarrels will be dealt with by Brownlee Racing in private. These situations if any will
    be dealt with immediately. Parents are responsible for their own kid’s actions, and kids are
    responsible for their parent’s actions! Think before you speak or act, this is a family sport!
    6.  Physical contact with another rider(s) or spectator(s) can result in expulsion from the event.
    7.  A rider is responsible for the actions of their pit crew; infractions by rider’s pit crew will be grounds for
    penalties against that rider.
    8.  Any verbal harassment or physical abuse of the local track officials or Big Side of Texas Race officials
    will be grounds for disqualification.
    9.  The promoters of the Big Side of Texas and member tracks reserve the right to refuse service to
    10.  No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on the track or starting area. Illegal
    substances are forbidden from all track properties. Riders should not use any of the above
    mentioned substances before or during an event as long as they remain in competition. Any rider
    that is impaired will not be allowed to compete.
    11.  Pit riding of vehicles other than motorcycles for competition is at the discretion of each track.
    12.  Competition motorcycles should follow the rule of 1st gear to and from the gate. 1st offense, you will
    start backwards! If you did not learn from the first offence the 2nd infraction is disqualification.
    13.  You must exit track under control at a low speed, no high speed exits!
    14.  If a rider leaves the course for any reason they must re-enter the track at the safest possible point
    nearest their point of exit, you should not improve their position.
    15.  In the event a rider intentionally cuts the track, one lap will be docked on the rider committing the
    16.  Yellow flag violations: There will be no passing, jumping and no improving of position when a yellow
    flag is present. Penalty is a minimum of one finishing position per infraction, maximum penalty is
    disqualification. This will be a decision of the local race officials.
    17.  The only people allowed on the track during races are mini bike parents of 50 riders or a family
    member that is 18 years and older.
    18.  Lapped riders must move over.* Vendors1.   Only vendors approved by Brownlee Racing will be allowed at any Big Side of Texas Championship
    Event, any non-approved vendors that are promoting any goods or services will be asked to stop
    and can be asked to leave the event.

    * Protest Against a Rider or Their Equipment

    1.  Any protest against another rider’s bike must be filed before the start of race and will require a fee of
    $250. The bike will be impounded for inspection after completion of race. If the bike in question is
    within specification you are responsible for all parts and labor above the $250 for a trained
    mechanic to reassemble the bike in question.
    2.  Any protest against another rider for the classification of which they are competing must be filed
    before the round they are competing is underway.
    3.  Big Side of Texas Series Officials may move riders up based on written or published proof that the rider
    has competed in a higher class. Race officials will not move someone up just because they are fast.
    You must have proof that a rider has been scored in a higher class.